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First Stage of Studies
Second Stage of Studies Combinations

Two subjects are combined in the teaching degree programme.  The possibilities in Linz include combining courses in Art Education, Textile Art and Design, Design and Technology, and Media Design at University  of Art and Industrial Design with Chemistry, Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) or Catholic religious teacher training at the Catholic Theological Private University (KTU).  The organisation of combination courses for teaching degrees requires planning the curriculum for each individual academic year.  Click below right to download the curriculum for the combination of Media Design and Art Education (MG/BE)

Degree: Mag.Art

First Stage of Studies

The first stage of studies takes 4 semesters and enables students to acquire basic skills, abilities and insights relating to various aspects of teaching media design.  The courses convey the fundamentals of art and design, and digital knowledge through an academic approach to learning as well as initial experience in structuring lessons in school.

Second Stage of Studies

The second stage of studies takes 5 semesters and allows students to gain an in-depth understanding in their chosen discipline within the creative field of Media Design.  The main focus lies in teaching practice in schools and communication practice in other educational establishments other than schools.  To successfully complete the second stage of study, students must undertake teaching practice and also write a diploma on a chosen topic.

Diploma Thesis

Students must prepare a diploma thesis in the second stage of studies based on one of the two chosen subjects.  In this piece of academic work students must prove their ability to work independently on a topic, both in terms of content and method.  Practical design elements can also be part of the diploma thesis if dictated by the choice of topic.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexis Dworsky


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