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Preparation of the final WORK/thesis

The ABROAD GRANT serves to prepare the final diploma, bachelor, master work/thesis or dissertation (PhD) abroad . Any regular student of the University of Arts Linz can apply for a scholarship abroad.

The abroad grant does not entitle the holder to a stay at a university in the host country.

Duration of stay

A stay of at least 2 weeks to a maximum of 1 year is funded. If further stays abroad are required for the same final project, a new application (with all required enclosures) and a further recommendation from the same supervisor must be submitted in good time.

Waiver of tuition fees

For stays abroad during the lecture and examination period, an application for a waiver of tuition fees can be submitted for a minimum stay of 2 months.

Application criteria

  • Regular student of the University of Arts Linz
  • The mobility can only be carried out in a country that is not the country of residence during the studies (submission of a current registration form)
  • It is also not possible to apply for an international scholarship for Austria if you are only studying here.
  • Mobility to the country of origin has the lowest priority.

Funding rates

The ABOAD GRANT can be awarded within the limits of the budget.

  • Monthly basic grant in accordance with the study abroad grant rates of the Study Grant Authority Grant for studying abroad, column II
  • Monthly top-up in the amount of EUR 150 from a mobility start on 1.6.2022 for the additional costs of organizing the stay abroad (no university networks)
    There is no entitlement to this top-up for a stay at a partner university!

Students with "fewer opportunities"

Monthly top -up of EUR 250.00 for the following target groups (analogous to the Erasmus+ program):

  • Persons with a disability or chronic illness (in the case of chronic illness only if this results in increased financial expenditure during the stay abroad compared to the stay in the sending country)
  • Students with child(ren) who are taking their child(ren) with them on their stay abroad.

Travel allowance

The amount of the travel allowance is based on the study abroad grant rates of the Study Grant Authority - Aid for studying abroad, column III.

Changes are possible at any time, depending on the budgetary requirements. The Vice-Rectorate for Arts and Teaching, which can also convene an advisory board, decides on the awarding of grants.

Green Travel

Funding for the use of sustainable means of transportation (e.g. train, bus, carpooling) further information

Further funding opportunities

  • Students registered in Upper Austria as their main place of residence (for at least 1 year at the time of application) can also apply for the IPS scholarship. The scholarship is only paid out for non-German-speaking countries.
  • Scholarships and databases link

Recipients of study grants

The Austrian study grant can be continued for the duration of the scholarship abroad if the student is generally fully admitted to study and take examinations in Austria. The foreign grant must be applied for at the scholarship office .

Insurance cover

The award of the scholarship abroad does not automatically include insurance cover.
Students are obliged to take care of their own insurance cover Information


The student is responsible for obtaining the necessary entry documents for the host country.

Things to consider before the stay / Visa


Application process

  1. Advice/first contact with the International Office before the planned mobility (by e-mail, in person or by telephone): Contact details
  2. Online application
    Links to the online application will be provided by the International Office with immediate effect.
    The complete application documents must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the start of the mobility.

    Required application documents:
    • Project description (max. 2 A4 pages, 12pt., 1.5 line spacing)
    • Letter of recommendation from the thesis supervisor
    • curriculum vitae
    • study sheet
    • Financing plan (living expenses, travel expenses, other costs should be compared with available funds such as scholarships from other institutions).
    • Current registration form

Enclosures for any entitlement to a top-up (are listed in the application form)

  • Birth certificate of child - proof of custody if applicable (only for mobility with child/children)
  • Disability pass (only for students with disabilities)
  • Medical certificate and a list of the additional costs incurred compared to the stay in the sending country (only for students with a chronic illness)

If you have any questions about submitting your application documents, please contact the International Office .

Extension of the scholarship

The scholarship abroad can be extended within the limits of the budget .

An extension must be applied for at the International Office as soon as possible during the stay.

An extension can be submitted up to a maximum stay of 1 year !

This extension must be well justified in a letter of recommendation from the final supervisor!


A LINK to the online application will be provided.

Documents to upload (are linked in the online application tool):

  • Extension application
  • Registration Student Mobility
  • Extension application
  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor
  • Consent of the host institution (if visiting an institution)
  • Registration Form Students Mobility

Completion of the mobility

Completion of the mobility


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