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Resonating Selves - Interface Cultures at Ars Electronica 2023

Interface Cult

Interface Cultures Studierende präsentieren im Rahmen der ars electronica 2023 ausgewählte Arbeiten.
5. bis 10. September 2023

In an era where truth is increasingly elusive and subjective, the latest Interface Cultures student exhibition “Resonating Selves” presents a captivating exploration of how our identities resonate and interact with the world around us. The fusion of technology and artistic expression enables a deeper understanding of the interplay between the digital and physical realms. Through the lens of media art, these artists probe the complexities of truth ownership and its influence on our sense of self.

The convergence of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, plays a pivotal role in this context. AI, with its capacity to analyse and generate information, becomes a powerful tool for questioning truth and exposing the multifaceted layers of our identities. "Resonating Selves" within the context of the Ars Electronica Festival 2023 amplifies the festival's overarching theme of "Who Owns the Truth?" 

The exhibition acts as a catalyst for introspection, fostering dialogue on the intricacies of truth in our increasingly mediated and interconnected world. Each of the projects presented in this exhibition push the boundaries of our perception, inviting viewers to critically examine the dynamic relationship between human subjectivity and the objective reality we seek to comprehend. From interactive installations to immersive experiences, each artwork engages visitors in a profound exploration of personal truths and collective narratives. 

As visitors engage with the artworks, they become active participants in an ongoing dialogue about truth ownership and the construction of selfhood. By navigating these immersive experiences, audiences are encouraged to question their own preconceptions, biases, and societal influences.

Join us on this captivating journey as we navigate the enigmatic territory of truth, technology, and the resonance of our multifaceted selves. Explore the boundless possibilities of media art and experience the profound impact of AI as it shapes our perceptions of truth, identity, and the complex narratives that intertwine them.

Manuela Naveau, Laurent Mignonneau, Fabricio Lamoncha, Michaela Ortner, Gertrude Hörlesberger



Volkan Dinçer, Bálint Budai, Behiye Erdemi, Miguel Rangil, Till Schönewetter, Emma Tripaldi, Alessia Fallica, Martina Pizzigoni, Ahmed Jamal, Aizhan Saganayeva, Danielius Marius Šermukšnis, Rene Preuer, Salma Aly, Sofia Talanti, Fabricio Lamoncha , Ghazal Hosseini, Hanif Haghtalab, Mathias Gartner, Simon Weckert, Kevin Blackistone, Maria Orciuoli, Linaá Pulido Barragán, Jelena Mönch, Viktória Angyal, Katherine Romero Martinez, Razieh Kooshki, Maria Konstantinova, Tomomi Watanabe

Exhibition, 2023
Interface Cultures

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ausgestellte Arbeiten und Workshops

 "999" © Bálint Budai, 2023 mehr
 "@theorchid_beauty" © Volkan Dinçer, 2023 mehr
 "Apophenia" Bild © MAalex, 2023 mehr
 "A Mesh/Mess Of Beings" © Behiye Erdemir, 2023 mehr
 "Behind the wall" © Ghazal Hosseini und Hanif Haghtalab, 2023 mehr
 "Contained Infinity" © Salma Aly, 2023 mehr
 "Skin Street" © Katsuki Nogami, 2023 mehr
 "Data Trail Diary" © Danielius Marius Šermukšnis, 2023 mehr
 "Future[past]" © Miguel Rangil, 2023 mehr
 "Illusion of Communication" © Team 2054, 2023 mehr
 "I died on Facebook" © MAalex, 2023 mehr
 "Unlearning Gender" © Jelena Mönch, Miguel Rangil, 2023 mehr
 "LEONARDO LASER LINZ - Danube Songs 2 Vol. III" © von Rene Preuer (AT), Mathias Gartner (AT), 2023 mehr
 "LumiCore: Light-hearted Touch Interface" © von Rene Preuer (AT), Mathias Gartner (AT), 2023 mehr
 "Mirror Me!" © Ahmed Jamal und Simon Weckert, 2023 mehr
 "Parallax Window" © Till Schönwetter, 2023 mehr
 "Qualia" © Linaá Pulido Barragán, 2023 mehr
 "Raindrop Price Index - You Cannot Refill A Sea With Tears" © Maria Orciuoli, 2023 mehr
 "Resonating Absence" © Emma Silvana Tripaldi, 2023 mehr
 "Reconsolidated Memories" © Viktória Angyal, 2023 mehr
 "What we like to remember" © Katherine Romero Martinez, Linaá Pulido Barragan, Jelena Mönch, Viktoria Angyal, Razieh Kooshki, Maria Konstantinova, Tomomi Watanabe, 2023 mehr
 WORKSHOP: "Homodyne" © Smirna Kulenovic, 2023 mehr
 WORJSHOP: "Self Dissolution " © Kevin Blackistone, 2023 mehr
 WORKSHOP: "AI Flowers " © Yuma Yanagisawa, 2023 mehr