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ERASMUS+ Internship abroad

You can complete one or more self-organized study-related internships or graduate internships within Europe.
It is possible to apply for an internship in the United Kingdom. Details on entry can be found here link

Interested? Experience reports from returning interns can be found here.

Erasmus Code of the University of Arts Linz: A LINZ02

OeAD Agency for Education and Internationalisation

  • ERASMUS+ information for students and recent graduates: link
  • ERASMUS+ preparatory information for students: link
  • ERASMUS+ Student Charter: contains the rights and obligations of Erasmus+ students Charter


Internships can currently be funded for a maximum of 4 months!

Possible internship providers

All organizations that are active in the public or private sector in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth can act as host organizations for internships for students and recent graduates.

Excluded are

  • Institutions or bodies of the European Union
  • Organizations managing EU programmes
  • Private individuals

The University of Arts Linz does not arrange internships.

The Erasmusintern.org platform is a way for students to search for internships and offers companies to publish internship positions and find suitable students.

Student internship

Students can complete one or more internships relevant to their studies in each study cycle (i.e. Bachelor, Master, PhD, Diploma). However, it is recommended not to complete a student internship before the third semester.

Graduate internship

Graduate internships can be undertaken after any degree (i.e. Bachelor, Master, PhD, Diploma).

The application for a graduate internship must be made during the degree program. Students must not be enrolled in a further degree program at the start of the graduate internship.

Learning Agreement for Traineeship - Recognition

The content and duration of the internship are agreed in advance in the Learning Agreement for Traineeships. This agreement is concluded between the student, the sending institution and the host institution.

The agreement ensures the recognition of 3 ECTS per month abroad for compulsory internships.
In the interests of equal treatment, a study-related voluntary Erasmus+ internship can be assessed with ECTS. These ECTS can also be credited for free electives on the basis of the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for internships.



Erasmus funding

Language support

Insurance cover

︎Things to consider before the stay / Visa

Extension of mobility

Completion of the mobility

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