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Bachelorwork by Florian Voggeneder, Without title (Palimpsest) - Kinetic-generative Installation 2011
© Florian Voggeneder

Examination & degree

The bachelor examination is composed of the following elements:
  • a portfolio containing the student’s work,
  • the work done under the Project Module – Time-based media and/or interactive media (18 credits),
  • a written section of the project work,
  • and an oral examination.
The concept of the project work to be submitted for the bachelor examination must be agreed between student and academic adviser by the start of the sixth semester at the latest and must fall under one of the two priority areas. The project must be defined in a project plan that provides for its viable implementation within the course of one semester. If the project is the result of teamwork, the individual tasks handled by each team member must be clearly stated as such. The written section of the project work comprises the project documentation combined with an in-depth presentation of an aspect of the work or an analysis of its thematic environment by means of scientific methods. In case of team projects, each team member must submit his or her own paper in writing. The oral examination is a final examination before an Examination Committee dealing with the selected priority area and the subject of the project work. Admission to the oral examination before the Committee is contingent on the positive evaluation of all study modules including the project work and the accompanying written section as well as on the submission of the portfolio. The overall grade is calculated on the basis of the grades of the project work, the written section, the portfolio and the grade assigned in the oral examination before the Committee. Degree of the programme: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Administration & Head:
Univ.Prof. Mag.art. PhD. Joachim Smetschka
Information about the program and the entry exams:
Mag.art. Bettina Steinmaurer
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 397

Study Plan

Curriculum (in German)